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Published January 25, 2023

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Job Title Req Number(s) Dept. Employee Referral Remote Work Considered
Deck Electrician (Entry-level, Trainee, Experienced) 29442, 29710, 29711 X31 Eligible No
Engineer Electrical 2 29519 O41 Eligible Yes
Engineer Mechanical 2 28748 O41 Eligible Yes
Engineer Mechanical 3 29716, 21668 O41 Eligible Yes
Engineer Structural 2 29564 O41 Not Eligible Yes
Payroll Analyst 3 29838 O95 Not Eligible Yes
Sheet Metal Worker (Entry-level, Trainee, Experienced) 25708, 29709, 29712 X32 Eligible No
Welder (Entry-level, Trainee, Experienced) 29641, 29640, 29642, 29643 X18 Eligible No

*All positions located in Newport News unless otherwise noted.

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