Pictured from left in the front row are X31 ISCVN Lead General Foreman Tommy Hall, ISCVN electricians Shana Bennett, Angel Barrientos Navedo, Santrayia Walker and Richard Atkins, K23 Quality Manager Steve DeBusk and ISCVN Production Director Mike Jones. Pictured from left in the back row are X31 ISCVN Foreman Antawn Cooper, ISCVN electricians Matthews Zapata, Jose Castro, Nathanel Reno, Takwon Crawley, Logan Istre. Not pictured: ISCVN electrician Cameron Burns.

Shipbuilders Recognized During National Quality Month

Published November 15, 2023

A team working on the Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) onboard USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) was recognized for its work during National Quality Month.

Supervisor Antawn Cooper (X31) led the team, which is overhauling load centers on the aircraft carrier. In 2023 alone, the team has overhauled 10 load centers and returned them to the Navy in brand new shape.

Overhauling a load center is a huge task, and to do this consistently, without mistakes, is outstanding. Although this is young team in terms of shipyard experience, its confidence is high and the entire team works as one.

Pictured from left are K23 Manager Antione Braxton, Quality Director Jared Smiddy, Foreman David Hodges, Steven Dewey and General Foreman Frank Saloka.

Apprentice Steven Dewey (X42) asks great questions and is always willing to help his fellow shipbuilders. That approach helped earn him recognition during National Quality Month.

Working on Enterprise (CVN 80), he has worked on engine room decks, specifically with steam plant pipe, and is very precise, making sure to follow the criteria in each procedure. If he sees a fellow X42 shipbuilder having an issue, he doesn’t hesitate to assist and help them resolve the problem.

His good work and attitude rubs off on others. Because he always helps new hires in the crew, it gives them a jump start to get to Dewey’s level of work ethic and quality.

Pictured from left are General Foreman Earl Goodman, Lindsey Dodds (X42), General Foreman Donnie Harrell and K23 Quality Manager Steve DeBusk.

Pipefitter Lindsey Dodds (X42) was recognized for her outstanding work on John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) during National Quality Month.

Dodds has taken the lead on removing and returning nuclear test gear and nuclear temp support systems to the proper locations. She has ensured all gear is capped and tagged, and that all the necessary documentation is correct before the gear is shipped out.

Her outstanding effort helps ensure all gear has been accounted for and properly maintained with no damage or lost material.