A Message From the Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Office

Published January 25, 2022

Shipbuilders, we have an important call to action to achieve our “No Fail Mission” and improve our performance.

Let’s win together by continuously improving and developing ourselves, becoming the best version of ourselves, operating to our strengths daily and being successful, winning at work and outside of work.

The O18 ED&I Office is here to help all shipbuilders in the areas of employee engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion through awareness, education and action.

Get involved in the activities and learning opportunities we provide throughout the year. You can also become an ED&I champion in your division and/or join an employee resource group (ERG). Remember, improvement begins with each individual, so invest in your personal development.

Watch highlights from our 2021 “Together Strong Life Unites” panel discussion series on MyNNS and see how continuous personal development impacts how we together become better, stronger, and a high-performing team. Check the Datebook for ED&I/ERG upcoming opportunities.