Nursing Mother’s Rooms

Published November 1, 2023

Updated: November 2023

Newport News Shipbuilding offers private spaces across the facility where nursing mothers can use a breast pump. Locations and points of contact (POCs) for each space are listed below.

South Yard

Pier 3 (Wellness Room #238)

Bldg. 64-1 (Tradewinds Café)

Shift Platen #18 (east end), under weather cover area 1904, Bldg. 1906, south office

  • First-shift POC: Alicia Monrose 757-688-5644
  • Second-shift POC: Kenny Brooks 757-380-2973
  • This room needs a key to enter. Signs are posted when in use and how to maintain when in use by the mother.



Bldg. 86-4

  • POC: Cheryl Gillikin 757-380-4903
  • Reach out to Cheryl Gillikin for key and location. We will create a calendar in Outlook if scheduling is needed for multiple users.

Bldg. 103-2 (near Illinois Conference Room)

  • POC: Ann-Germain Danz 757-508-4321
  • Slide the sign to occupied and lock the door when in use.

Bldg. 160-2 (across from mail boxes)

  • POC: Joshua Copeland 757-688-9806
  • Door has a key but to remain unlocked. If key is needed contact POC.

Bldg. 4633-4 (northwest end)

  • POC: Nina Boyce 757-534-3465
  • Schedule in Outlook under “B4633-4 Wellness Rm” to avoid conflicts.

Bldg. 4900-5 (SMOF, north side)

North Yard

Bldg. 1745-2 (southeast corner)

  • POC: L. Beltz 757-534-4119
  • Use door 18E.
  • The room has a key. Reach out to POC for a key to be issued
  • There is a sign on the inside of the door to be placed on the front of the door when in use for the mother. The door should remain unlocked when not in use.

Bldg. 1907-3 (Unit Outfitting Hall, Core B, west end, small office area)

Bldg. 227 (Applebees Wellness Pod)

  • First-shift POC: Glenn Payton 757-688-3680
  • Second-shift POC: Liz Taylor 757-320-9250
  • Third-shift POC: Charles Johnson 757-769-4178
  • Contact one of the POCs for the key and/or to reserve the Wellness Pod. POCs are located in B 4911-3. Only one person is allowed to use the pod at a time.

Outlying areas and Off-Site

Warehouse (220 Pickett’s Lane, first floor)

  • POC: Walter Greene 757-688-1360 or 757-298-4565
  • Enter front door, go through the second set of doors. Turn right. First door on the right.
  • Door has a key and will remain locked while not in use. Obtain key from Walter Greene when needed. If there is a need for multiple mothers, we will create an Outlook calendar for scheduling.

Bldg. 913 (OPIP, 11850 Jefferson Ave., first floor)

  • POC: Sebreena Young 757-534-2876
  • Once you come through the second set of doors in the lobby, turn right and the station is the second door on the right.
  • No key required, but does lock from inside for privacy. If there is a need for multiple mothers, we will create an Outlook calendar for scheduling.

OIP (182 Enterprise Drive, second floor)

  • POC: Keith Meadows 757-688-9865
  • Go up the stairs to the right of the receptionist desk. Turn right at the top of the stairs, and the room is the fourth door on the right.
  • Door has a key and will remain unlocked while not in use. Key will be at front desk if needed. If there is a need for multiple mothers, we will create an Outlook calendar for scheduling.

Bldg. 520-4

  • POC: Norm Jacobs 757-534-3166
  • Take a right of out elevator and another right down the long hallway. The room is the second doorway on the right from the end.
  • Key Location: Right out of elevator. Go through island security door. Key is hanging from bulletin board on the immediate right through the security door.

Bldg. 600-2

  • POC: Kimberly Tenkley 757-534-3063
  • Room is located in the southeast internal corner at column D6.
  • Please use the Outlook calendar feature for scheduling ([email protected]) and coordinate access through POC for the key to the room.

Bldg. 802 (Suite 176, Room 197)

Bldg. 872-2 (southeast corner)

  • POC: Rudie Simpson 757-818-0718
  • Key stays in exterior door mail slot to Room 214 (northwest corner office) across from Nursing Mother’s Room

Building 884-3

  • POC: Linda Bruce 757-380-2884
  • Space is located in office in front of 93 (north side of building).
  • Key is at B884-8-92. Schedule is on the Outlook calendar: Mother’s Room Calendar B884. Trash must be set out every afternoon

Bldg. 902-2 (Room 243)

  • POC: Kathy Barber 757-688-6107
  • Please use Outlook calendar feature for scheduling (B902 Mothers Room). The combination for the door is 135.

Bldg. 903-2 (Room 219)

  • POC: Jessica Guckert 757-534-2957
  • There is a calendar for the room. Theresa Carnes (757-688-8741) has the key and sits near the Nursing Mother’s Room.

Bldg. 907-2 (Room 234)

  • POC: Matt Izzo 757-688-1928
  • The room has an access code, please see the POC for access.

Bldg. 909-3 (-VASCIC, southwest enclave)

Please visit MyNNS or EEOC for Virginia Pregnant Workers Fairness Act information.

  • Employees in other locations should contact their immediate supervisor to find a designated area that is comfortable, secure, and close to their work assignments.
  • The list will be updated as additional locations are established or changes are deemed necessary.
  • Any questions should be directed to your immediate supervisor or HR/LR representative.