Always Remain Vigilant

Published July 6, 2022

Recent mass shootings around the country remind us to stand vigilant against threats that could pose a safety risk. These tragedies have affected people of all ages and backgrounds in communities across our nation.

In a memo sent out last week, John Clark, director of Security and Emergency Management, wrote, “The safety of all employees is our top priority. Our Security team is equipped with a wealth of expertise in responding to crisis situations. While we have not held active shooter drills companywide, the team trains with outside law enforcement agencies to prepare should such a crisis occur.”

Clark urged company leaders to have discussions with their teams and to ensure contact information is up to date. If concerns arise, call Security at 380-2222.

Take time to watch “Run Hide Fight,” a video that takes you through an active shooter event. You can watch the video on MyNNS and YouTube.