Pictured from left are Jessica Walker, Riley Cole, Angelica Jusino, Ethan Moneymaker, Ashleigh Stukes and Stan Best. Walker and Best are members of The Apprentice School Foundation Board.

Apprentice School Foundation Awards Scholarships

Published June 7, 2022

The Apprentice School Foundation awarded $500 scholarships to the four apprentices listed below.

Riley Cole (X18) started his apprenticeship on March 7 as a welder. Cole knew Newport News Shipbuilding was a great place to begin his career and apply the information learned in college. He jumped at the opportunity to attend The Apprentice School after being accepted as he has high interest in welding and the engineering field.

Angelica Jusino (O38) started her apprenticeship on April 4 as a non-destructive tester. Jusino knew NNS and The Apprentice School would provide her with a challenging and fulfilling career as she is excited to be a part of something larger than herself and being able to work with her hands. She is thankful for this opportunity and plans to excel making her family and friends who have supported her proud.

Ethan Moneymaker (X31) started his apprenticeship on April 4 as an electrician. Moneymaker plans to use this opportunity to be involved with student organizations that support The Apprentice School. He is interested in management and plans to excel at the school and NNS.

Ashleigh Stukes (X33) started her apprenticeship on April 4 as an insulator. Stukes always wanted a position working at NNS. She plans to use this opportunity to succeed at The Apprentice School by working hard while being happy and showing gratitude to family, friends and her high school teachers for their support.

The Apprentice School Foundation provides a tax-deductible opportunity for alumni, friends and community partners of The Apprentice School to help fund scholarships, historic preservation and community service projects that carry on the school’s legacy. The foundation awards scholarships annually. Visit
www.tasfd.org for more information.