The team of Brenden Raynor (K48/X43), Daniel Lutz (K47/X43), Colin Boden (E25) and Brent Byrum (X42) finished in first place. Chaz Singleton (X42), Clint Crusberg, Michael Whitley and Ricky Gilliam (K46/X43) finished second. David White (X02), Aaron Riggleman (E70), Mike Coon (E86) and David Allen (K91) came in third. Also pictured are ASSA representatives Johnathan Walker (E06), Sabrina Thomas (M53), Jessica Lawson (X18) and Forrest Barefoot (O22/X18).

Apprentice School Student Association Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Tournament

Published August 16, 2022

The Apprentice School Student Association (ASSA) held its first Breast Cancer Awareness Golf Tournament in July. The tournament, held on The River Course at Kingsmill Resort, benefited the Ivy Foundation of Hampton Inc. in support of breast cancer awareness.

“This tournament hits close to home for us here at The Apprentice School. We have close friends within the school who are currently in the fight against breast cancer, as well as those who have fought it in the past. We wish to do everything we can to continue our support for all of those who have fought this battle, while bringing awareness to early detection to try and save lives,” said Forrest Barefoot, an O22/X18 craft instructor.

ASSA thanks the 144 shipbuilders who played in the tournament and congratulates the winners.