ASIAN ERG Hosts Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Event

Published May 18, 2021

Newport News Shipbuilding’s Asian Shipbuilders Including All Nationalities (ASIAN) employee resource group hosted its annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month event Thursday, May 13.

The event, held virtually, paid tribute to the contributions of generations of Asian Pacific Americans to American history, society and culture.

“At NNS, it is important to have events like this to educate one another, create a forum for fun and healthy dialogue, and to promote engagement, diversity and inclusion,” said Brent Ruffy (O04), who is member of the ASIAN ERG board.

During the event, two shipbuilders – Bunnareth Hem (E14) and Allen Valencia (E33) – shared their personal stories about the Asian American experience.

“This year, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month has meant more than it ever has before, giving us a chance to celebrate and share the joy, togetherness, and support our cultures and communities offer,” said Katiana Slaton (E46), another member of the ASIAN ERG board. “With so many of our people under attack in the past two years, it is increasingly important to continue to share an open dialogue of inclusion in our country. Being part of ASIAN gives us the opportunity to have those conversations, and I feel incredibly blessed to be part of a company like NNS that puts such value on diversity and inclusion and the strength it brings to our workforce.”