Twin brothers Yaomi and Yoemi Garcia-Rodriguez started working at NNS on the same day last September.

Building a Talent Pipeline

Published May 17, 2021

Newport News Shipbuilding Talent Acquisition and Workforce Development partnered to increase outreach and recruiting efforts to local high school seniors interested in working at the shipyard after graduation.

Since 2018, NNS has hired more than 60 high school seniors to either work for NNS or join The Apprentice School.

Twin brothers Yaomi and Yoemi Garcia-Rodriguez, both X42 pipefitters, started working at NNS on the same day last September, as soon as they both turned 18 and graduated from Denbigh High School in Newport News. Both brothers had participated in the career and technical education program at New Horizons in Newport News.

“Before I graduated, I applied to the shipyard because I like to work with my hands and be creative, plus I think the shipyard is the only job straight out of high school that will pay you $18 an hour with no experience and provide you with good benefits,” said Yaomi Garcia-Rodriguez. “I get to work with my brother. Whenever we work together, we have a better understanding on what the job entails. It feels great having someone that I know and trust since the first day I arrived at NNS. We actually work together very often, and it is just a blessing.”

His brother Yoemi Garcia-Rodriguez added, “I wanted to have a good career. I did not want to struggle to find a good job after graduation. I wanted to make my family proud – especially my dad because he brought us to the United States. I wanted to prove to my dad that what he did for me and my family was a good thing, because if it wasn’t for him, I would not be here.”

NNS is hiring for numerous entry-level and trainee trades positions that do not require experience, including blasters, fitters, outside machinists, pipefitters, riggers and welders. Shipbuilders are encouraged to share these opportunities with friends and family who may be interested. Visit for more information.