Building Engagement and Unity Shipbuilders show off their face masks and hoodies meant to promote engagement and team unity.

Building Engagement and Unity

Published March 24, 2021

A team of O53 shipbuilders in the North Yard Pipe Field are sporting matching face masks and hoodies as part an effort to strengthen engagement and unity.

“I always felt like engagement was the No. 1 key for a good team, and that’s what we strive to work on every day,” said Desi Bullock, the team’s supervisor.

He handed out face masks and crew members agreed to get matching hoodies emblazoned with symbols that represent the work they do, including a forklift, crane and aircraft carrier.

Bullock said he was glad everyone was onboard with the idea. Although guidelines in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 limit the types of engagement activities in which shipbuilders can participate, Bullock said he tries to find ways to bring his team together.

“Engagement is important. It brings unity to the team. It helps with morale. It brings better communication and gives employees a chance to get to know each other,” he said.