Pictured from left are Paul Hecker, Jasmine Bracey, Kevin Holland and Bryan Heverly.

Celebrating PEER Program Success Stories

Published September 28, 2021

Newport News Shipbuilding’s Professional Enhancement Enrichment Rotation (PEER) Program is congratulating two participants – Kevin Holland and Jasmine Bracey – on their recent promotions to construction supervisors.

Holland and Bracey are the latest success stories of the PEER program’s increased focus on “purposeful development.” Purposeful development includes close collaboration between the PEER program office, PEER participants and the highly engaged host managers like superintendents Paul Hecker and Bryan Heverly.

The program supports individual career goals while also building a pipeline of internal candidates for positions at NNS.

“The PEER Program continues to support participants’ desires to find job fulfillment while providing fully developed candidates for hiring managers across the enterprise,” said Gary Figg, PEER program manager.

PEER candidates traditionally approach the program with one of the following objectives:

Participate in rotations aligned with their current role and a desire to accelerate readiness for future opportunities.

Participate in rotations aligned with new degrees or certifications and a desire to gain firsthand experience in positions in a new career path.

Participate in a variety of rotations to discover their ultimate job fulfillment.

Holland joined the PEER Program’s Cohort 13 as a welding instructor with the goal of exploring new career opportunities. He participated in a variety of rotations that allowed him to explore roles in planning and project management. “You will only learn your true potential when you are out of your comfort zone,” Holland said.

His final two rotations included construction supervisor roles with Structural Fabrication & Assembly (X10) and the Virginia-Class Submarine (VCS) Program (X82). Those experiences helped him realize that serving in a construction leadership role was his ultimate job fulfillment.

“Kevin’s story is truly inspirational. A little over two years ago he set a goal to become a construction supervisor. The PEER Program provided him the conduit to progressively build upon his existing leadership – to where he is now part of a strong team of construction supervisors for VCS,” said Heverly, who is Holland’s manager.

Bracey joined the PEER Program’s Cohort 14 as an engineering technician to fulfill a specific career goal. “Be the change and make the difference,” she said. “As leaders, we have to set the tone, be willing to do the things no one else is willing to do effectively and efficiently.”

She participated in project management roles that included Facilities (O41) and VCS (X82). The rotations allowed Bracey to demonstrate current knowledge, skills and abilities while preparing for a new position as a construction supervisor. “The leadership principles Jasmine obtained during previous PEER Program rotations have enabled her to transition into construction supervisor responsibilities effectively,” said Hecker, Bracey’s manager.

The PEER Program is a two-year rotation program for salaried, individual contributors. It includes four different rotations in six-month cycles. The program is accepting nominations for the next cohort. To learn more, visit the PEER website or attend an upcoming learn at lunch or open house event.