Pictured from left are Adam Zydron, Holly Hayslett, Kyle Williams (with son, Brayden), Dave Vincent (with, son Tyler, who is not shown), Melissa Ipock (with daughter, Ava), Paul Northey and Terry Fail.

CVN 80 Shipbuilders Volunteer to Help the Homeless

Published December 21, 2022

The Enterprise (CVN 80) Program Office/Finance Team volunteered to help the homeless by assisting in setting up for People Offering Resources Together (PORT) on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at Temple Baptist Church in Newport News.

PORT is an organization that uses local churches to provide shelter and food for the homeless during the holidays. The team helped out on the first morning by unloading the truck that carries all supplies, such as mattresses, bedding and clothing. With so many volunteers, they were able to unload the truck quickly and defer other volunteers to other crucial times later in the week. Several team members included their kids as well.