EAS Team Structure

Published February 2, 2022

This second article of the Enterprise Agility System (EAS) informational series, focuses on Business Transformation & Technology’s (BT&T) new EAS structure below.

Structure is the expression of teams at scale; meaning the EAS teaming structure is the backbone for how the NNS Scaled Agile enterprise operates. The goal of the structure is cross-functional, collaborative participation at all levels of the organization for all functions. It is designed and aligned using a system of delivery that contains Investment, Portfolio, Product and Delivery/Service teams. This new structure offers opportunities to minimize waste, and it provides a foundation for a cultural change, leading to long-term, sustainable transformation.

Portfolios consist of a single portfolio team, multiple product teams, and many delivery teams, represented as a stack. The portfolio team, in collaboration with the business, seeks to understand the problem the business is trying to solve and the value it will bring to the company. This effort helps to prioritize the work in terms of value, and these items are called “epics.” The product teams begin developing solutions to those problems by identifying “features” and the delivery teams break down the features into “stories.” The delivery teams then execute the work to deliver value, and the portfolio team works with the business to measure the value against the investment.

For more information, see the first EAS Currents article and visit the EAS website on MyNNS.