Pictured in the front row are Lori Pearman (O06), Synda Jacobs (T56), Janet Chavis (O06), Michael Lynk (X51), Ian Flemming (X57), Breeia McBride (O06) and Eve Harden (T56). Pictured in the middle row are Kevin Lynn (K93), Melody Brauchle (K22), Adele Ndeme (T56), Tyler Christofferson (T56), Victoria Newman (E81), Aaron Jackson (X33), Liz Montague (X57) and Jay Ballard (E81). Pictured in the back row are Steven Ridgley (X40), Dan Burs (O06), Josh Douthit (T56), Michael Eldridge (E81), Trey Williams (O06) and Ean Greene (O27).

Employees Complete Facilitation and Continuous Improvement 101 Class

Published October 18, 2022

Industrial, Mechanical and Systems Engineering (IMSE) hosted the third quarterly Facilitation and Continuous Improvement 101 course at Newport News Shipbuilding in September.

The 40-hour training was custom built to offer both new and seasoned shipbuilders a high-level overview of the skills and methodologies used to successfully facilitate meetings, projects and events at NNS along with a high-level overview of what continuous improvement is and how it helps the company improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and reduce waste inherent to our processes, products and services.

The course, sponsored by IMSE Director Dannon Butts, was created and presented by Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Michael Lynk, also of IMSE. “Learning to communicate and collaborate more effectively is crucial to our success at NNS. I sincerely enjoy teaching this class and hope it will help our shipbuilders to better enable our workforce, transform our business operations, execute efficiently and lead the way,” Lynk said.

Butts said he is “proud of the direction in which this course is moving.”

“It is evident that momentum is building for the course each quarter. I was pleased to see so many of my director peers supporting and personally encouraging their own teams during the Friday wrap up. More and more, leaders are seeing the value of this content to drive continuous improvement at NNS,” he said.

Facilitation and Continuous Improvement 101 is offered quarterly. To request enrollment, email Michael Lynk.