Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year Announced

Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Champion of the Year Announced

Published December 8, 2020

Newport News Shipbuilding’s Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) champions are fully engaged shipbuilders who work to remove obstacles and provide awareness and education for fellow employees.

Champions take action throughout their various departments and divisions to drive the company forward and support its core values. They also work to promote the NNSFORWARD Strategy for continuous improvement in the company’s workforce and business operations.

Approximately 350 ED&I champions are spread across NNS’ various business units. Each champion lead nominated a person from their team for NNS ED&I champion of the year. These champions consistently went above and beyond their role as advocates for a continuously improving people-focused culture.

Adrienne Spillane (E13), a member of the Submarine Engineering team from the Engineering and Design Division, has been named NNS’ ED&I champion of the year for 2020.

“Adrienne consistently goes above and beyond to support the Submarine Engineering (SUBE) Division and the entire Engineering and Design ED&I team through action planning support and facilitation, involvement and promotion of community outreach initiatives, and her positive attitude,” said Michelle Pope, the ED&I champion lead who nominated Spillane.

Spillane leads the SUBE ED&I team’s SharePoint and is also the SharePoint co-lead for the entire Engineering and Design ED&I team. She correlates the peer recognition submissions and contest winners into a well-crafted, informative and celebratory write-up. Spillane also co-led a virtual learning session on unconscious bias for her entire division and one on the simple approach to engagement action planning for managers in her division.

Other nominees for champion of the year were: Christina Hayden (K51), Sherri Thompson (O20), Taylor Chamberlain (E91), Molly Landon (E89), Sheila Carter (K69), Quinn Williams (O18), Francis Dunn (X44), David Callahan (E46), Andrew Hampton (E35), Mark Hucks (E15), Ashley Saba (O41), Richard Schwartz (E42), Emily Collins (E47) and Leslie Schmidt (E37).

For additional information about ED&I Champions, email [email protected].