Ethics Awards Announced

Published July 26, 2022

The following shipbuilders were recently honored with Level Two On-the-Spot Ethics awards: Gregory “Mark” Krank (X24), James “Chris” Yoko (E32), Michael R. Westenberger (O60), Christa A. Balog (O55), Robert “Rob” Winslow (O60), Russ B. Fleeger (X20), Gene S. Crawford (X52), Brenda S. Viars (X75), Kayci N. Estes (O59), Cameron L. Thomas III (O41), Jon “Riley” Sweeny (O41), Wyatt S. Baldase (X63), Robert S. Fry (X76), Danny B. Stapleton (X22), Jimmy D. Rackley (X32), Matthew A. Yancer (O41), Michael L. Hemingway (O39), Arthur B. Correll (E46), Billy L. Phillips (E11), Christopher D. Murrell (X18) and Adriana B. Walden (O77).

To nominate an employee for an On-the-Spot Ethics award, submit form C-941 to the Ethics Office (O18).