Photo by Ashley Cowan

Featured NNS Safety Principle

Published July 7, 2021

June’s featured NNS Safety Principle was “Safety is an everyday action.” This means constantly REC’ing (Recognize, Evaluate, and Control) and being vigilant for hazards in your workplace. Also, taking action to prevent any unnecessary hazards.

Below are examples of shipbuilders practicing this safety principle:

O53 and O46 shipbuilders recently worked together to safely clean up an oily waste spill in the Scrap Yard sorting area. They worked safely and prevented oily waste from entering a storm drain.

Filling out your operator’s daily checklist (OCDL). The ODCL aids the operator in doing a complete check and provides a record of daily inspections. The daily inspection conducted by the operator helps to identify conditions that may render equipment, vehicles, etc. unsafe to operate and enhances reliability.

Using handrails when walking down a flight of stairs, following speed limits, not driving aggressively, not using mobile phones while driving, and using pedestrian crosswalks to cross streets are all examples of safe decisions.

Look for information about July’s featured NNS Safety Principle – Safety requires both management and personal ownership – in an upcoming edition of Currents.