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Graduate Certificate Program Available for Shipbuilders

Published August 10, 2021


Tuition reimbursement with education assistance (Bright Horizons) for Newport News Shipbuilding employees allows us to support formation of another student cohort interested in completing the graduate certificate in Acquisition and Contract Management Program offered by the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Evening classes will be offered on-site at NNS in the NetCenter Learning Center. The curriculum includes the following classes to be offered once per semester (beginning fall 2021 and ending spring 2023).

Classes (three graduate credit hours each):

  • MGT 5211 – Procurement & Contract Management (FAR): fall 2021
  • MGT 5213 – Contract Changes, Terminations & Disputes: spring 2022
  • MGT 5214 – Cost Principles, Effectiveness & Control: summer 2022
  • MGT 5217 – Contract & Subcontract Formulation: fall 2022
  • MGT 5218 – Contract Negotiations & Incentive Contracts: spring 2023

The first class, MGT 5211, will be offered during the fall semester of 2021 if a cohort of at least 15 NNS students is formed. Students interested in counting these credit hours toward completion of a graduate degree are required to already have a four-year degree from an accredited institution. All students must complete the FIT admissions process and be approved by their management for tuition reimbursement in Bright Horizons.

Developed for working professionals, this graduate certificate program is designed for students to gain a better understanding of the contract life cycle and its stages. The acquisition and contract management graduate certificate will provide the critical knowledge and experience that is needed in managing contracts and acquisitions. Students will be introduced to government contracting through the Federal Acquisition Regulation and supplementing directives.

If you are interested, contact Carole Knopp via email as soon as possible. The first class begins Aug. 23.