Pictured from left are K46 Foreman Aaron Hill and Randall Baysmore.

Honoring Quality Craftsmen

Published November 16, 2022

Newport News Shipbuilding’s Quality Team recognized Randall Baysmore (X32) and John Ackerman (X42) during the second round of “Quality Craftsman” winners for National Quality Month in October.

No matter the situation, Baysmore goes above and beyond. He spends time outside of his shift thinking of ways to fix challenging situations and never hesitates to help. He also inspires and motivates his crewmates to reach the shipyard standard.

“Randall’s work ethic and need for first time quality is a huge benefit to me and my crew. It sets the tone for everyone else to follow,” said K46 Foreman Aaron Hill.

Pictured from left are K46 General Foreman Todd Johnson, John Ackerman, K46 Foreman Justin Cobb and K46 Lead General Foreman Anthony Velez.

John Ackerman is known for his vast knowledge and experience in building critical compartments for Virginia-class submarines. His commitment to first-time quality has allowed the VCS program to reach key milestones and events. Ackerman also helps lead and instruct newer employees to build quality nuclear piping systems.

“John’s leadership skills, mentoring of employees, build knowledge and commitment to first-time quality have vastly improved the reactor build time on VCS,” said K46 Foreman Brandyn Hawley.

The Quality Team thanks everyone who submitted nominations. As a reminder, O06 accepts nominations year-round and recognizes Quality Craftsman every quarter. Nominations should be sent to [email protected].