Hot Shots, February 2023

Published March 15, 2023

A unit for Virginia-class submarine Oklahoma (SSN 802) is staged in Newport News Shipbuilding’s North Yard awaiting its next destination. Photo by Ashley Cowan


Matthew Taylor aids in aligning an Enterprise (CVN 80) superlift toward the ship in Dry Dock 12. Photo by Ashley Cowan


Shipbuilders guide USS Montana (SSN 794) into Dry Dock 2. Photo by Lexi Whitehead


A cleat is wrapped with ropes to hold a barge in place. Photo by Ashley Cowan


Newport News Shipbuilding’s 315-metric-ton crane is silhouetted during a sunset. Photo by Ashley Cowan


Fitter Joseph Coleman measures the center line on a coaming, a raised border around an opening that will fit in a bulkhead. Photo by Lexi Whitehead


Welding shields rest on a tool box in the Ring Module Shop. Photo by Lexi Whitehead


Birds sit on cables attached to the bow of John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) during a morning sunrise. Photo by Lexi Whitehead


The Holland barge arrives at Newport News Shipbuilding to deliver a unit for a Virginia-class submarine. Photo by Lexi Whitehead


A unit for Virginia-class submarine Wahoo (SSN 806) awaits transportation to Newport News Shipbuilding’s Blast and Coat Facility. Photo by Ashley Cowan


Shipbuilder Liam Heatwole uses a carbon arc cutting process to cut through an Enterprise (CVN 80) unit. Photo by Lexi Whitehead


Barnacles attached to a boom after sitting in the James River. Photo by Ashley Cowan


A shipbuilder holds a rope while as USS Montana (SSN 794) arrives at Newport News Shipbuilding. Photo by Ashley Cowan


USS George Washington (CVN 73) displays its “73” in red, white and blue during a sunrise. Photo by Lexi Whitehead