Introducing EAS

Published November 16, 2021

The Enterprise Agility System – referred to as EAS or “ease” – is a new scaled agile model. This highly collaborative team of teams is part of Business Transformation & Technology’s (BT&T) response to the “No Fail Mission” and is designed to maximize the flow of value to the business.

The EAS system of delivery leverages an investment tier and capability-based portfolios to arrange and sequence work based on business value and NNS strategic goals. Those portfolios include a group of leaders who are responsible for identifying business needs, approving funding and establishing constraints for all products and capabilities within the portfolio structure.

“The scaled agile model is a recognized industry best practice, and the EAS system of delivery standardizes and matures the way we deliver value to NNS,” said Jason Sutton, vice president and chief information officer. “This is going to feel very different, at least initially, as work will be prioritized by the value it brings with consideration for the cost of delay.”

As the EAS transformation continues, BT&T will share a series of articles to help familiarize NNS and business partners with this new agile framework. In addition, shipbuilders are invited to visit the business-facing EAS Customer Portal for more information and helpful frequently asked questions.