Keel Laying Set for Nov. 19

Published October 25, 2022

Newport News Shipbuilding is hosting a keel laying ceremony for Virginia-class submarine Arkansas (SSN 800) at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 19. The Little Rock Nine are the ship’s sponsors and will participate in the event. There is a limited number of tickets available for shipbuilders and guests.

The Little Rock Nine made history in 1957 as the first African American students to attend all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The move fulfilled the landmark Supreme Court decision that ruled racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional. Faced with shouting mobs, threats of violence and hostile state leaders who blocked their way, the teenagers were escorted by federal troops at the direction of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Employees who would like to volunteer or request tickets should email [email protected].