May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Published May 10, 2023

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Mental health affects nearly every aspect of our lives including how we handle stress, interact with others, take care of our families and of course, take care of ourselves. Whether you are struggling with your mental health due to grief, need help navigating major life events, or even seeking advice on your mindfulness journey, your HII benefits are here to support you every step of the way.

Need to talk to someone?

HERO: HII Employees Reach Out

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you’re looking for child care, pet care or dealing with stress, HERO is here.

HERO offers access to free in-person and virtual counseling to support a variety of needs, from grief and marital counseling to anxiety and stress. Plus, call HERO’s 24/7/365 phone line to talk to a trained representative for referrals, resources and support for life’s ups, downs and major changes. Call 1-855-400-9185 anytime or visit (enter “HII” as company for access) to find a counselor.

Teladoc Behavioral Health

When you enroll in an Anthem medical plan, you can connect with mental health professionals seven days a week through Teladoc. Fill out a quick survey to see if a counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist is right for you.

Then, schedule a no-cost appointment via phone or video chat – all from the comfort and privacy of home. Teladoc clinicians can evaluate and treat general mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety; and can also prescribe medications if needed (per state telehealth rules and regulations). Visit to get started.

Having issues sleeping?


Your online sleep improvement benefit, Sleepio, is here to help you catch some Z’s. More than just a wellness or meditation app, Sleepio is a psychology-based approach developed by doctors and researchers in partnership with the world’s most trusted academic institutions. In a clinical trial, 76% of participants experienced significant improvement in insomnia: falling asleep faster, spending less time awake at night and functioning better the next day. Get started by visiting

Working through Anxiety?


Persistent feelings of worry and anxiety can be hard to cope with. But there are simple, effective strategies that can help you recognize and change the patterns that are holding you back. Daylight is a science-backed app built by leading mental health experts that can help you gain control over your worry and anxiety. Get started by visiting

Looking for a health coach to strengthen you mentally and physically?

Vida Health

Sometimes you need someone to help support you on your wellbeing journey. With your free HII benefit, Vida Health, you can work with a health coach to reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety through working on your nutrition, exercise routine and sleep schedule. Whether you need someone to hold you accountable, or to be your cheerleader, your Vida Health coach is there to support you. Download the Vida Health app or visit to get started.

BeWell for Life Wellness Coaching

Are bad habits holding you back from achieving your goals? Bad health habits such as smoking and not maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can affect all aspects of your health- both mentally and physically. We get it. Breaking a bad habit is difficult. That’s why your HII benefits offer BeWell for Life programs. The BeWell for Life program provides wellness coordinators, registered dietitian nutritionists and chronic care managers dedicated to improving your mental and physical health. Coaches can help with a variety of health related goals, including tobacco cessation, stress management, developing healthy habits and more. Visit BeWell for Life’s wellness coaching portal to get started:

In Search of behavioral support for your child?


RethinkCare is your free online and mobile benefit designed to help parents raising children with learning or behavior challenges or developmental disabilities. Parents can consult virtually with board-certified behavior experts and use RethinkCare’s library of more than 1,500 videos, exercise sheets and resources to teach children new skills, address problem behaviors and more. Plus, the online platform gives you the ability to collaborate with teachers, doctors and other caregivers. Get started by visiting (code: HIIRethink).

Need directions on your Parenthood Journey?


There are many changes that happen during and after pregnancy – not just physical ones. 1 in 7 parents develop a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder. Maven is here to support you and your family for every step, stumble and giant leap on your parenthood journey.

With Maven connect with a dedicated care advocate who can help you build a care plan to meet your family’s needs. Your care advocate can help you with referrals for in-network specialists in your area. Plus, you get access to unlimited on-demand video appointments and live classes to help you on your path to parenthood. Get started by visiting

Visit for eligibility information.