Shipbuilders train in a mock-up to ensure they are prepared to work safely. Photo by Lexi Whitehead

Mock-up Training Keeps Team Prepared

Published December 7, 2022

An X32 team at Newport News Shipbuilding that is responsible for performing nuclear work takes part in mock-up training on a regular basis to ensure it is always prepared.

“As a new foreman, you are always looking for ways to grow, not only yourself but also your family, which is my team,” said X32 Foreman Bobbie Baker.

This engaged team came up with several ideas to increase understanding. Initially, they installed containments, held briefs and practiced entering and exiting control points. Now, they are including other types of training such as decontamination techniques, guarding radioactive material and filling out radioactive material tags or RAM-Ts.

The team’s leadership commended the shipbuilders for taking responsibility in the respective areas of improvement. The training has led to a decrease in cost by correcting deficiencies and has increased the synergy of the team by allowing employees to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“We decided to do mock-up training because as a nuclear worker, not making mistakes in a real life situation is very important. That training helps ensure we avoid unnecessary exposure, don’t get contaminated and more importantly that we remain safe,” said X32 mechanic Stephanie Gilbert.