NAVSEA 07Q Yardwide Functional Audit is Sept. 12-16

Published August 16, 2022

NAVSEA 07Q will have a team of SUBSAFE Program professionals at Newport News Shipbuilding Sept. 12-16 taking a critical look at how the shipyard performs SUBSAFE, fly-by-wire, deep submergence systems, integrated product development environment and level I material control work.

The outcome of the audit determines whether or not NNS retains its license to perform those categories of special emphasis work.

These programs, collectively referred to as the SUBSAFE Program, were born from the sinking of USS Thresher (SSN 593) on April 10, 1963. The significant loss of life from that event became a watershed moment and to this day, very few facilities are licensed to perform SUBSAFE work for the Navy, and those that do must pass rigorous audits to do so.

During the week of Sept. 12-16, you or members of your department may be called upon to support the auditing process. NNS SUBSAFE Program Director Phil Stephens requests your responsiveness and engagement if called upon. It could be in the form of a qualification or training verification, conducting a return-to-work brief, performing a portion of ship/shop SUBSAFE work, or producing records of the completed work.

Your contribution to a successful audit is needed and appreciated.

For questions or concerns about the audit, contact Phil Stephens at 757-812-3923.