New Preventive Maintenance Training Course Now Available in LX

Published April 19, 2022

The O53 Preventive Maintenance Team recently created a preventive maintenance course that is now available in LX. The target audience for this training is first-line supervisors who handle, store and work with material that requires preventive maintenance.

This training course increases understanding of the NNS Preventive Maintenance Program for shipboard installed material and the vital role employees play in helping to accomplish the goals of this program.

NNS has contractual obligations to the U.S. Navy to maintain material and equipment in “like new” condition until the ships are delivered. Preventive maintenance is periodically scheduled to prevent failure, deterioration, corrosion, or the decline in accuracy or efficiency of material and equipment.

Shipbuilders who are custodians of preventive maintenance material and interested in taking this course should reach out to their department’s LX coordinator to register for the course: ENPA-PRMASHEQMA-NN-WBT-00060274 – Preventive Maintenance of Ship’s Equipment and Material Overview.