NNS COVID-19 Vaccination Update

NNS COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Published February 12, 2021

Dear Shipbuilders:
The COVID-19 vaccine continues to be in short supply across Virginia, and it is once again impacting our ability to vaccinate our shipbuilders. NNS is notified weekly by the Peninsula Health District of the Virginia Department of Health about the amount of vaccines we will receive for that week. Last night we were notified that NNS will not receive COVID-19 vaccine again next week.

This news is disheartening. While we recognize the incredible demand for a limited supply of the vaccine, we know that NNS can be a critical part of the solution for our state and region. NNS has a high population of essential workers who are in high-risk categories such as employees over age 60 and those with underlying health conditions. These employees, along with our first responders and other mission-essential personnel, will be our priority for vaccination when NNS receives another allocation.

With a consistent supply, we can help the state vaccinate these high priority groups at our expense. And once the vaccine supplies become more numerous, we will be ready to scale up our vaccination operation to meet the needs of all employees without putting additional strain on hospitals and other public vaccination sites in the region.

We assure you we are doing everything we can to vaccinate our shipbuilders, but we have to rely on our state and local health officials for supply. While plans could change and we could end up getting the vaccine next week, we can’t count on it. With this in mind, we strongly encourage you to get the vaccine elsewhere if you have the opportunity.

Please know that we share in your frustration and will continue to work with government and health officials to secure enough vaccines for everyone. You will be kept informed throughout the process.

The COVID-19 Crisis Action Group