Honorees and guests watched a video featuring all of the award-winning nominations during a drive-in ceremony. Photo by Ashley Cowan

NNS Honors Model of Excellence Awardees

Published September 20, 2022

Newport News Shipbuilding honored the 273 recipients of the 2022 President’s Model of Excellence Award with a drive-in ceremony at the Hampton Roads Convention Center Friday, Sept. 16.

The out-of-the-box drive-in celebration allowed honorees to bring more guests than a traditional dinner.

The Model of Excellence is the company’s highest honor and recognizes individuals and teams who have made extraordinary contributions to the achievement of objectives outlined in the NNSFORWARD Strategy – Enable Our Workforce, Transform Business Operations, Execute Efficiently, Grow the Business Base and Lead the Way.

During the event, attendees watched video featuring all of the award-winning nominations.

Honorees and their families celebrate during the award ceremony. Photo by Lexi Whitehead

NNS President Jennifer Boykin said role models like Model of Excellence honorees are vital, especially now. The shipyard is busier than it has been in decades. At the same time, thousands of new shipbuilders are being hired and trained, and the company is working through lingering pandemic impacts.

“Despite these challenges, our mission remains clear. Our Navy sailors depend on us to deliver ships that will protect them as they go into harm’s way. No matter what your job title or department number is, your work makes this happen. It’s a noble calling, and we always answer,” Boykin said. “As models of excellence, you shine as an example for others, so be a beacon for new and veteran employees alike. Stand firmly for our standards, and keep demonstrating what our ‘Always Good Ships’ creed looks like in action.”

Learn more about this year’s honorees and their contributions to NNS in the Model of Excellence ceremony program, which is available at hii.com/MOE. The video featuring winning nominations also is available for viewing on MyNNS, HII’s website and on the NNS to Go app.