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NNS Launches Career Development Website

Published January 18, 2023

Newport News Shipbuilding continues to excel thanks to over 26,000 dedicated employees. Each person plays a crucial role, and every employee can benefit from training, skill building and development. The new NNS Career Development website is focused on providing clear processes and accessible resources for individual contributors and supervisors for learning and development.

Whether shipbuilders are creating yearly goals, participating in a mid-year review or considering career possibilities for the future, this site can highlight learning and development options and frame productive conversations.

The Career Development website can assist employees with questions such as:

  • How do I build my skills and become more proficient in my current role?
  • How do I become a stronger leader within my team or department?
  • How do I develop as a manager or supervisor?
  • What other career possibilities could I explore within NNS?
  • How do I support my employees with learning and development?