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NNS Offers Video Interviewing Options

Published June 8, 2021

Newport News Shipbuilding Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Talent Acquisition are partnering with the third-party vendor Yello to offer on-site and off-site video interviewing options for NNS employees starting June 7. Yello is an external video interviewing platform not on the internal NNS network that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

“Starting in March 2020 and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Talent Acquisition had to transition from standard in-person interviews to fill open positions to phone interviews quickly,” said Carrie Allen, acting director of HRIS and Talent Acquisition. “Since then, we have been working toward transitioning from phone to the new standard of video interviews. Giving a hiring manager or candidate the opportunity to video interview offers flexibility that improves the hiring experience, potentially decreases the time in filling a position, and saves the company on costs.”

NNS employees will have the option to either conduct or participate in video interviews remotely or at the shipyard. A list of on-site video interviewing locations is available on MyNNS. Employees using these locations must review and follow the guidelines posted in the room prior to starting the interview.

While this initiative has been approved by both Cybersecurity (T51) and Security (O15) for video interviewing use only, specific guidelines are in place. All participating employees using company devices must:

  • Complete the annual LX training: Control of Photography, Videography, and Video Live Streaming at NNS.
  • Be an authorized camera user with the red camera icon on their badge and have an approved company issued camera device. This device must have the gold security seal, either affixed on the device or the digital seal.

All participating employees using company issued or personal devices must ensure that no classified and/or NNPI/CUI/sensitive information is discussed or displayed during the video interview. Employees must check their surroundings prior to the video interview to ensure no sensitive information is displayed in the background. Personal camera-enabled devices are for off-site use and may not be used on company property.

Talent Acquisition will schedule requested video interviews. Each NNS employee is responsible for ensuring they have proper accesses before requesting or participating in a video interview.

If an employee does not have the required camera accesses and permissions, personal devices may be used off-site. To request camera access and camera-enabled devices, visit the NNS Service Portal on MyNNS.