NNS Recognized by Sanitation District

Published June 21, 2022

Newport News Shipbuilding discharges over 1 million gallons of sanitary and industrial wastewater to the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) every day.

Earlier this month, HRSD notified NNS that 2021 was another perfect compliance year for both of the company’s HRSD discharge permits. The North Yard permit has maintained perfect compliance for 13 years, earning a Diamond Excellence Award. The Main Yard has maintained perfect compliance for five years, earning a Platinum Award.

These awards reflect the dedication and coordination of many shipbuilders including:

  • O46 Oily Waste Treatment plant and Oily Waste Treatment plant operators who pretreat industrial wastewater and make it suitable for transfer to HRSD.
  • O46 and O45 Utility crews who maintain the sewer lines and calibrate metering equipment.
  • O31 Sampling and Analysis staff who collect and analyze samples to verify permit compliance.
  • All employees who responsibly dispose of industrial wastes.

As a reminder, the O27 Environmental Engineering website on MyNNS includes a waste disposal guide that identifies approved disposal pathways and packaging requirements for many common wastes.