NNS Security Warns of Recent Increase in Thefts from Vehicles

Published February 15, 2023

Newport News Shipbuilding has experienced an increase in thefts from vehicles parked at Hidens – located off Warwick Boulevard – in recent months. The perpetrators are targeting unlocked vehicles (specifically pickup trucks) or breaking windows to gain entry. Incidents have occurred on all shifts, but most of the theft has been reported during the early hours of the morning.

It is important that all valuables are placed out of sight or removed from vehicles. A simple phone charger plugged into the console may be enough to trigger a break-in.

NNS Security has increased its surveillance and roving patrols in the area. Security also is working closely with the Newport News Police Department to process the vehicles for evidence, latent prints and conduct follow-up investigations.

Lighting in the area has been improved, and NNS is exploring camera options as well as other security measures to make the Hidens area more secure. If you have information about these thefts or see something suspicious, call NNS’ Security Command Center at 757-380-4031.