Propulsion Plant Planning Yard Engineer James Beason (E70) reviews the agenda with attendees.

NNS Shares Knowledge with Norfolk Naval Shipyard for Future CVN 78 Work

Published November 30, 2022

The Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Class Propulsion Plant Planning Yard’s (PPPY) Engineered Components team held a demonstration and training session with Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) engineering and trades personnel Nov. 14 to support a biofouling control system (BCS) ship alteration (ShipAlt) scheduled to occur at NNSY during a future CVN 78 availability.

A ShipAlt is a modification to the form, fit or function of the CVN 78 class propulsion plant resulting from a desire to improve safety features or performance.

The demonstration was held at the HII Mission Technologies Hampton facility. The collaboration between Newport News Shipbuilding and Mission Technologies personnel allowed for ease of scheduling and transferring of large BCS components from NNS prior to the event. The event encompassed a review of the BCS changes specified in the ShipAlt, a hands-on experience showing the major changes within BCS components, and a software simulator displaying the changes to occur with the software.

The PPPY engineers’ walkthrough of the upcoming ShipAlt with NNSY and the explanation of the lessons learned from NNS’ prior performance of the same ShipAlt provided the platform to discuss any challenges that could occur during the work at NNSY. The event concluded with a Q&A session to help prepare NNSY for future work on the new carrier class.

“This event was a great example of HII companies working together to achieve the common goal of supporting the naval fleet. PPPY will continue to use opportunities like this to build relationships between shipyards to share their experiences and knowledge,” said James Beason (E70).