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North Yard Road Closures and Shuttle Changes

Published November 2, 2021

Roadwork in the North Yard to support the Columbia-Class Submarine Program has closed 61st Street and Shipyard Drive through mid-December. This impacts traffic entering and exiting the shipyard as well as shuttle routes.

The main North Yard entry gate is closed to traffic. All traffic must enter and exit at the 60th Street entry gate (at the Welding School). Tractor-trailers should follow the truck detour route and exit through the 60th Street gate. Vehicle traffic between 60th and 65th streets around Dry Dock 12 should exit through the 60th Street gate and travel north to enter through the 65th Street gate.

The temporary internal shuttle pick up/drop off location is at the corner of Shipyard Drive and 60th Street. All personnel needing to be south of Dry Dock 12 should enter the 60th Street turnstiles and may use the internal shuttle. All personnel needing to be north of Dry Dock 12 should enter through the 64th Street turnstiles. There is no shuttle service north of Dry Dock 12.

The shuttle stop near the Vehicle Inspection Station gate has been relocated to 60th Street at the southwest corner of Bldg. 1904.

See the Distribution A memo for more information and to view maps.