NOTICE: Enhanced Security at NNS

Published March 8, 2022

The U.S. Marine Corps Security Force is arriving at Newport News Shipbuilding this month to assist the shipyard in providing enhanced security. This enhancement will focus on measures during the refueling and complex overhaul of USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74). Shipbuilders should follow these guidelines when interacting with the Marines or NNS Security personnel in the performance of their duties.

You should:

  • Promptly follow all instructions from the Marines or NNS Security.
  • Obey all Security signs posted on or around facilities protected by the Marines. Individuals who violate these secured areas are subject to being treated as an intruder and may be detained for further investigation. Violations may also result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from the company.
  • Report any security violations, suspicious activity or threats to NNS Security personnel, or call the Security Command Center at 380-4031.

You should not:

  • Attempt to converse with, touch, surprise or closely approach an armed Marine.
  • Make offensive comments or joke about assets the Marines are protecting, or attempt to position yourself between Marine personnel and these assets.
  • Loiter near assets protected by Marines or any Marine facility.
  • Leave backpacks, packages, etc. unattended in the vicinity of the Marines or the assets they are protecting.


During drills or alerts:

  • Stay clear of Marine and NNS Security response forces and do not make any threatening gestures.
  • Stand fast and follow the directions of the Marines and NNS Security personnel.
  • Be safe and await instructions from: NNS Security.
  • Your immediate supervisor.
  • Ship’s force (if shipboard or in dry dock).


The Marines will treat all personnel in a courteous but convincing manner. Shipbuilders should report concerns about interactions with Marines to their immediate supervisor.