NOTICE: Outstanding Time Certifications

Published March 1, 2022

In an effort to reduce the number of outstanding time certifications across the company, Labor Compliance (O73) has implemented a new policy requiring any employee with 50 or more outstanding time certifications to participate in a mandatory labor floor check audit. In addition, the employee’s supervisor also will be required to participate in a labor floor check audit.

Time certifications are generated when someone other than the employee enters or changes the employee’s time. When this occurs, employees must certify whether or not the modifications made to their time are accurate. Employees can address their time certifications through MyTime or time clocks at any time during their shift. Furthermore, per the Newport News Shipbuilding time charging policy – SSO No. 10-403 – employees are required to accurately enter their own time on a daily basis. Employees are expected to comply with this policy, which will also reduce the number of time certifications generated throughout the company.