NSRP Soliciting Research Proposals

Published May 10, 2023

The National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) is soliciting research announcement (RA) summary proposals. The NSRP is a collaboration of nine U.S. shipyards with the mission of employing a unique collaborative framework to research, develop, mature and implement industry-relevant shipbuilding and sustainment technologies and processes, improving efficiency across the industrial base, and meeting future demand of the U.S. Navy and other national security customers.

The NSRP is looking for projects that will:

  • Reduce total ownership cost of ships.
  • Improve quality in ship design, construction and repair through continuous improvement of advanced technologies, processes and data management applications.
  • Enhance workforce and compliance excellence.
  • Reduce costs associated with ship systems integration during ship design, construction, modernization and maintenance.
  • Increase materials and process commonality across the shipbuilding and ship repair enterprise to reduce costs.
  • Identify best practices from all sources regarding digital technologies and their appropriate application to shipbuilding and repair systems and equipment.

RA projects have no budget limit, can last up to two years and require 50% cost share. Teaming is encouraged. Award budget of $8 to $10 million is anticipated. Potential proposers are encouraged to review the RA proposal process. Visit nsrp.org for information regarding this solicitation, specific focus areas and the RA summary proposals.

Summary proposals are due to the NSRP by noon on July 18.

Newport News Shipbuilding employees interested in developing a summary proposal for this solicitation should contact Elmer Dickens (E32) at 757-688-9079 and read B-1005, CRAD procedure for more details. All NNS project ideas must be submitted through the Research and Development website. Proposers will be notified in December of the decision regarding selection and funding of proposed projects. Contracts will be awarded in the March 2024 time frame.