The Rock is a representation of Newport News Shipbuilding's commitment to quality. It includes a plaque that reads: "We shall build good ships here; at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good ships." Photo by Ashley Cowan

October is National Quality Month

Published October 11, 2022

October is National Quality Month, and Oct. 14 is World Standards Day. These are opportunities for the quality community to share success stories. It also is important to acknowledge the value of quality – especially with regard to shipbuilding.

President Ronald Reagan established National Quality Month in 1984. He noted that quality contributes to increased productivity, reduced costs and consumer satisfaction. The aim of National Quality Month was to enhance the nation’s companies, and since then American businesses like NNS have observed it as a chance to raise awareness of quality initiatives and highlight successes.

On Oct. 13, 1946, delegates from 25 nations met in London to establish the International Organization of Standards, or ISO, with the goal of promoting standardization. In 1970, the inaugural World Standards Day was observed, keeping Oct. 14 as the celebration day. Adopting ISO standards enables businesses to give customers confidence that their goods are trustworthy, reliable and of high quality. As a result, specialists, regulators and governments rely on ISO standards to assist in the development of better regulation.

This October, NNS has the chance to raise awareness of the value of quality methods for reducing waste, saving money, improving customer experience and streamlining processes. Shipbuilders should celebrate the success of current accomplishments while making plans for future success.

Be sure to send weekly nominations for National Quality Month to [email protected] by Oct. 14.