Organizational Health Index Survey

Published April 12, 2023


In the March 1 edition of Currents, I shared with you our focus this year on accelerating process improvements to more efficiently meet our mission and deliver on schedule to the Navy.

To help us better understand the key leadership and cultural elements we need to continue improving our performance, we have engaged McKinsey & Company to assist us with collecting data that will help drive our strategy.

But the most important data to help us shape the future of NNS needs to come from you. Your input must shape how we move forward.

Unlike our annual engagement survey that is individual- and team-focused, the McKinsey & Company survey will assess how our company gets work done as a whole. Because of the sheer size of our workforce, the survey is being administered in phases. Manager 3s and above completed the survey, and the remainder of the workforce will be represented by a 15% sampling of employees who are randomly selected.

Later this week, randomly selected employees with NNS email addresses will receive an external email from McKinsey & Company with a link to the online survey entitled ‘Organizational Health Index’ (OHI), which is the tool we are using to measure leadership practices. The tool is data supported and used across thousands of companies. If you are selected to participate, please follow the instructions in the email to complete the survey. It takes 10 – 20 minutes to complete.

Employees without email addresses will be notified by their leadership if they are randomly selected to participate. Supervisors with selected represented employees will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule a time for their employees to visit a nearby kiosk in the shipyard to complete the survey.

All survey responses will be confidential, so please take the time to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for your support. Employee feedback will have a direct influence on our ability to establish clarity, build capability and create a culture that helps us be the best we can be.


Jennifer Boykin
President, Newport News Shipbuilding