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Production Engineering and Operations Podcast

Published June 14, 2022

The Production Engineering and Operations (PEO) Communications team is introducing its first podcast episode in a new series aimed at generating awareness around PEO. The series features interviews with various leaders from across the value stream as they speak about what the transition to PEO means for Newport News Shipbuilding employees.

The inaugural episode features Jason Sutton, vice president of Business Transformation & Technology (BT&T), and Tim Lauth, manager of Process Standardization & Integration. As primary sponsor for the PEO initiative, Sutton shares his insights about how it will impact shipbuilders and the business.

“When I think about our FORWARD Strategy of Transforming Business Operations and how it ties into PEO, I think about how it is similar to the interstate system that President Eisenhower put in place in the ’50s,” Sutton said. “Before that, we had small roads of interconnectedness across the United States of America, but by putting in larger infrastructure with deeper connections, we revolutionized the way product was moved around the country. We want the deckplate to be fully digital and integrated like Eisenhower’s interstate system.”

In addition, Lauth leverages his technical knowledge of the project to help clarify some of the important what and why questions often heard regarding change initiatives. Shipbuilders are invited to listen to “What is PEO & Why Do We Need it Now” on MyNNS and share it with other employees who may be interested. No charge is provided to listen to the podcast.

For more information or to offer suggestions for future podcast episodes, email [email protected].