Shipbuilders posted banners near NNS gates in recognition of National Quality Month. Photo by Ashley Cowan

Recognizing National Quality Month

Published October 5, 2021

For National Quality Month in October, Quality Problem Management (O06) asked each program trade director to share what quality means to them. Each program will be featured throughout the month. The following message is from David Brinkley III, Virginia-Class Submarine Program trade director.

“Quality is doing the job right the first time. It means we have conducted a thorough review of the work scope via technical work authorizing document(s), verified craftsmen qualifications, evaluated the job site and eliminated any safety concerns, ensured the craftsmen have the right tools for the job, performed a pre-job brief with team members who will be accomplishing the work. Also asking questions of the team to test knowledge/comprehension. Our No Fail Mission of delivering quality ships on schedule will largely be driven by the quality of our work that is performed every day.”

In the upcoming weeks, craftsmen throughout the organization will be recognized by demonstrating first-time quality in their daily work practices. Every week, one Quality Craftsman will be chosen for each program. The first round of nominations is due Oct. 8. All nominations should be sent to your appropriate program quality manager (PQM) within Steve DeBusk’s group.