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Reinventing Training for New Hires and Navigators

Published December 8, 2020

The Learning Organization is reinventing training at Newport News Shipbuilding. Some of the latest innovations impact orientation for salaried new hires, as well as training for the navigators who help guide them.

For salaried new hires, the days of sitting in a classroom for an in-person orientation are over. They’re still required to come in for a brief session on security, but the longer orientation session is now virtual and can be completed from their work location or even from home.

“It’s more convenient. They can dial in from anywhere,” said Gina Chew-Holman (K28), who leads new employee orientation. “We’ve had to make adjustments based on how people are working now and to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. We cover all the same topics from benefits to values to parking.”

Training for the navigators who mentor and help new and transferring employees get settled into their new positions also has gone digital. Shipbuilders can access the training – which also replaces an in-person class – via the Learning Exchange (LX) by searching “navigator training.”

“They can complete the training on their own time,” Chew-Holman said. “It has all the elements that we had in the in-person class, and they should enjoy it.”

To learn more about New Hire Orientation and Navigator, check out the Learning Organization’s Learning Central website on MyNNS.