Pictured from left are Joe Germany (O27), Andrew Smith (O40), Jacqueline Smith (X36), David Vandegrift (X36) and Tab Pake (X36).

Shipbuilder Honored With Safety Recognition Award

Published September 21, 2021

Jacqueline Smith (X36) was recently honored with a Safety Recognition Award and a safety coin for coming to the aid of a fellow shipbuilder.

“I just help people. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the shipyard or outside of the shipyard. That’s just me,” she said.

Smith was closing down Bldg. 222 on a hot August day, when she looked outside and saw a fellow shipbuilder who didn’t look well sitting on a stack of pallets.

She went to check on the shipbuilder who said he was overheated. Smith brought the shipbuilder cups of water, an electrolyte frozen pop and a cold towel to put on his neck. Along with X36 Foreman Michael Rawles, Smith ensured the shipbuilder received emergency medical attention.

“I’m glad that I happened to be at the right place at the right time. As a shipbuilder in this weather, I know that could have been me, and I would hope someone would check on me in that same accord,” Smith said.