Pictured from left are Damon Saetre, Vincent Branch and Megan Wynn.

Shipbuilder Leading the Way

Published December 30, 2022

Vincent Branch (X74) was recently honored with a Level One On-the-Spot Ethics award for taking action to aid a co-worker who was experiencing heat stress.

Branch and a co-worker were in line to get lunch from a food truck along with a co-worker in July when his co-worker – who was expecting – began exhibiting signs of heat stress. Branch did not hesitate to jump into action and to help his teammate by physically supporting her as she began to lose consciousness, which likely prevented a fall and possible serious injury. When his co-worker regained consciousness, Branch insisted she stay seated as she began to lose consciousness for a second time and stayed with her until help arrived and they were safely in the care of paramedics.

Damon Saetre, vice president of Integrated Planning and Production Control, met with Branch to thank him for his actions and to present his award.