Brandon Shackelford, second from right, was honored with a Level One On-the-Spot Ethics Award.

Shipbuilder Modeling the Way

Published March 22, 2022

Brandon B. Shackelford (X84) was honored with a Level One On-the-Spot Ethics Award for displaying extraordinary ethical compliance and situational awareness when he investigated and located a box of lost material valued at thousands of dollars.

A box of stroke control assemblies was misplaced in March 2021. After extensive research by several departments, the material was written off as lost. Although it was not directly in Shackelford’s area of responsibility, he continued to search for the material.

After successfully locating the items, Shackelford personally delivered the material so it could be directly returned to inventory. Ultimately, his leadership and steadfast adherence to Newport News Shipbuilding’s company values are a perfect example for fellow shipbuilders.