Shipbuilder Steering the Way Pictured from left are D. Keith Meadows, Andy Knopp and Julia Jones.

Shipbuilder Steering the Way

Published December 10, 2020

Andy Knopp (N960) was recognized with a level one One-the-Spot Ethics award for coming to the aid of a motorist who was experiencing a medical emergency.

Knopp was at a stop sign behind several vehicles when he noticed the lead vehicle was not turning even though traffic was clear. Several vehicles ahead of Knopp went around the vehicle, but he decided to stop and see if something was wrong.

As Knopp approached the driver’s side window, he found the driver was unresponsive, breathing erratically and clenching a cell phone.

Knopp immediately called 911, and paramedics arrived on scene within minutes. Julia Jones, vice president of Manufacturing and Facilities, met with Knopp to present his award and thank him for his actions.