Pictured from left are Damon Saetre, Kelvin Suggs and James Whitley.

Shipbuilder Steering the Way

Published March 29, 2023

Kelvin Suggs was recently honored with a Level One On-the-Spot Ethics award for taking action that helped save the life of a fellow shipbuilder.

Suggs received a call from an employee on a Sunday who said he wasn’t feeling well and would likely be out of work the next day. Suggs asked the employee to keep him posted about his condition. When the employee did not come in to work or communicate Monday or Tuesday, Suggs was concerned. His calls to the employee went straight to voicemail.

Suggs decided to go to the employee’s house. When the door wasn’t answered, he called the police, who entered the home and found the employee in and out of consciousness and unresponsive as a result of a major infection.

Damon Saetre, vice president of Integrated Planning and Production Control, met with Suggs to present the award and thank him for taking life-saving action.​​