Shipbuilders participate in the annual Earth Day cleanup. Photo by Ashley Cowan

Shipbuilders Celebrate Earth Day

Published April 26, 2022

Newport News Shipbuilding’s annual Earth Day cleanup was held last week. Shipbuilders spread mulch around trees and shrubs and cleaned up at Christopher Newport Park and the Victory Arch area in downtown Newport News, as well as Huntington Park, Oakland Industrial Park and Bldg. 600.

Shipbuilders also gathered to plant longleaf pine trees near tugboat Dorothy and Bldg. 520. Longleaf pines – widely used in early shipbuilding – once were plentiful in southeastern Virginia, but were harvested to near extinction in the region. Special thanks to the Virginia Department of Forestry; Lisa Deaton, area forester; and Meghan Mulroy-Goldman, community forestry specialist, for helping to provide the trees that were planted at NNS.