Shipbuilders Donate Shoes to Make a Difference

Published October 12, 2021

The E81 Engagement Team was looking for a project for the department to participate in that is easy, would support the community and show kindness.

After searching the NNS Gives platform, the team found Thrive Peninsula – a nonprofit organization committed to assisting individuals and families on the Peninsula through difficult times. One of the projects it supports is the shoe mission, which collects and donates all types of shoes, no matter the condition.

Donating shoes makes a difference and supports developing micro-enterprises in developing nations, keeps shoes out of local landfills and earns funds to support local families in distress. The E81 Team – organized by Shelia Ellis, Suzanne Phillips, Angel Williams and Cheryl Byrum – is called E81 Shoe Savers. Although the engagement activity has been underway for a short time, a barrel already is overflowing with shoes donated by E81 shipbuilders.

Shipbuilders are encouraged to check the NNS Gives platform ( for projects to help support the community.