Pictured from left are General Foreman Karon Bazemore, Jerry Robinson, Mark Taylor and Foreman William Watson III. Photo by Nicholas Langhorne

Shipbuilders Get Surprise Recognition

Published August 2, 2022

Longtime shipbuilders Jerry “J. Rob” Robinson (X36) and Mark L. Taylor (X36) recently got a surprise recognition from their supervisor for outstanding service.

Robinson and Taylor both work on the only X36 Lifting Pad in the shipyard and they are responsible for creating lifting pad arrangements and installing temporary lifting pads to support crane lifts for Carrier New Construction, Overhaul and Virginia– and Columbia-class assemblies. Foreman William Watson III presented both men with appreciation plaques.

“It feels good to know that my work is appreciated,” Robinson said. He said recognition helps motivate employees to “keep going, doing a good job and staying safe.”

As more senior members of their crew, both Robinson and Taylor take their roles as mentors for newer shipbuilders seriously.

“We want them to be like us and better,” Taylor said. “I always tell them to learn the old way and the new way. Put it together, and it will help you perfect your job.”

Watson congratulated both shipbuilders. “These two men have worked with me and now work for me and have always given their best. From calculating centers of gravity (CGs), grinding, tack welding, burning, creating lift plans and so forth, they have proven to be two of the best Lifting Pad Team members since I’ve been in the shipyard,” he said.